Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

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Here you’ll find information relating to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

My CCS% or hours have changed

If you have had a change to your approved CCS % or Hours, there is no need to contact us. Our system is linked with Services Australia and will update automatically with your new details.

I need to apply for CCS

Services Australia offers assistance (Child Care Subsidy) to help with the cost of child care. An application for CCS must be completed for each child and approved by Services Australia. You can apply here.

I have a question about CCS Enrolment

To connect your CCS enrolment to Services Australia, we require the CRN of your child and the CRN of the guardian claiming CCS.

In addition, we require the DOB for both the guardian and the child that will be enrolling at one of our Centres. If you have not yet provided this detail, please include it in your enquiry below.

To submit an enquiry relating to CCS enrolment, please complete the form here