Explorers Your Share

Our program gives experienced Centre Directors the opportunity to own a $1M share of an Explorers Centre and earn $300k per year*.

At Explorers, we believe in recognising and empowering outstanding leaders. With Explorers Your Share, eligible Centre Directors will have a unique opportunity to become shareholders and share in the profits of their thriving Centres.

Rest assured that while the Explorers Support Office and Operations Team will continue to manage the business aspects, you'll continue to serve as the dedicated Centre Director, focusing on what you do best—nurturing excellence in early childhood education.

If you're ready for a life-changing opportunity that will give you flexibility in the future, Explorers Your Share awaits.

*T&Cs apply.

Own Your Future

Explorers Your Share is an exciting opportunity for exceptional Centre Directors!

Find out more about our exclusive program, where dedicated Centre Directors can become shareholders, leading their centres with passion, while enjoying the potential for significant financial rewards.

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CEO and Centre Director
Your Share Benefits:
  • Unlock Exceptional Earning Potential: An Explorers shareholder can potentially earn up to $300k per year (inclusive of the salary package).
  • Own a $1M Share in a Centre: As an Explorers shareholder, you have the opportunity to own a $1M* share in a thriving Centre.
  • Enjoy Future Flexibility: Shareholders are initially required to work full-time until performance targets are met. Post this, there’s potential for flexible working arrangements at the discretion of Explorers Early Learning.
  • No Personal Investment: Successful shareholding applicants are not required to invest personal funds to enter the program.
  • Rewards for Excellence: Eligibility for Explorers Shareholding is based on a proven track record of exceeding performance metrics.
  • Have Ownership of Your Centre: Eligible Centre Directors can lead their shareholding centre with the same dedication and drive as they would their own business.
  • Full Business Management Support: Enjoy comprehensive business management support from the Explorers Support Office as a valued shareholder.