Framework of Joy
Enrichment Program

Explorers is excited to introduce Framework of Joy, an innovative approach to our reimagined sector-leading Enrichment Program.

Developed by our Pedagogical Thinker-in-Residence, Kerrie O’Neill, and Artist-in-Residence, Danielle O’Leary, Framework of Joy enhances the joy of learning and success, the joy in play and in making, and the joy of creating and experiencing.

Inclusive across all Explorers centres, Framework of Joy disrupts and reimagines joy, ensuring that it is felt by all who interact with it, and we believe that by embracing the joys and challenges of learning, we prepare children for lifelong success.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts provides opportunities for infants and young children to develop their ability to communicate their ideas and test their theories.

Through our Studio in a Box, our Educators use a combination of art elements and the aesthetics of joy, with a beautifully curated range of two- and three-dimensional art materials to create ‘cognitive knots’ for the children to untangle.

Explorers - Visual Arts 2 Visual Arts

Physical Education

Physical Education offers a variety of fun and engaging physical activities to help children develop and improve their cognitive and situational skills such as throwing, kicking, balancing, bouncing, stretching and much more.

Creative challenges test children’s physical and mental abilities, and promote teamwork, inclusion, and a sense of identity.

Children progress from simple and moderate to difficult tasks while mastering the fundamentals based on their abilities.

Explorers - Physical Education Explorers - Physical Education 1

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre engages children through storytelling, physical activities, and individual creativity, fostering a unique learning experience.

Each class progresses from structured warm-ups to skill development, instilling joy and motivation in every child.

By merging movement, songs, and imaginative play, children discover new talents and build creative confidence.

Explorers - Musical Theatre Explorers - Musical Theatre 1