Enrichment Program

We’re pleased to offer an exciting extracurricular program for your Little Explorer called the Enrichment Program.

Our Enrichment Program has been created to enhance your child’s experience and provide opportunities for learning in specialised areas, taught by qualified Educators.

All children are welcome to participate in this program at no additional cost to our families.

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Little Impressionists

Our Little Impressionists program is delivered through a hands-on experience in our purpose-built central piazzas. A qualified artist will guide your Little Explorer through multisensory learning experiences such as mark-making, painting, collage and printing.

Little Linguists

Your Little Explorer will gain a better understanding of the world and explore other cultures through language, stories, song, dance and other engaging experiences. Little Linguists helps foster empathy, tolerance, and open-mindedness.

Girl plays musical instumen

One World, One Planet

Our all-inclusive program focuses on sustainable living, recycling, gardening and caring for animals, including our Centre pets. Our Garden and Sustainability Teacher introduces our children to the importance of caring for our planet and all living things.

Girl waters garden

Active Explorers

Delivered in our architecturally designed outdoor spaces, our Active Explorers program delivers age-appropriate physical activities to get your Little Explorer moving!

child in tunnel

Prep for Prep

This program, taught by a bachelor-qualified primary teacher, is carefully designed to teach your child the essential social and academic skills for their primary school journey.

Boy writing