The Must-Ask Questions on Your Childcare Centre Tour

28 November 2022

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Unsure of what to ask on your Explorers Centre tour? Read on for a comprehensive list of the must-ask questions!

Enrolling your child into care is a big step for first-time and veteran parents alike. It’s important to remember that any feelings of anxiety you may have are completely normal when enrolling into day care, transferring services or taking your first Centre tour.  

Although you may feel confident embarking on your Centre tour and meeting your child’s Educators for the first time, there are probably 101 things you want to ask that can easily slip your mind.

To help out, we’ve listed some key questions to consider before your Explorers Centre tour. You don’t need to ask all of them, but we highly recommend writing down or highlighting those most relevant to your childcare requirements before the big day.

For a PDF of the following list – click here.


  1. What is the Reggio Emilia philosophy?
  2. What are your operating hours?
  3. How do you approach separation anxiety and transition into care?
  4. What supplies do I need to bring?
  5. How are age groups separated?
  6. How does Explorers prepare my child for primary school?
  7. How do I claim the Child Care Subsidy?

These child-focused questions provide some insight into what we’re about at Explorers, as children are at the heart of everything we do. Our Educators and Centre Leadership Teams have a passion for the Reggio Emilia approach and can answer any questions you may have, as well as redirect you to additional resources.


  1. What will my child eat?
  2. Do you cater for allergies and intolerances?
  3. Do you use food for play?
  4. Can I pack lunch for my child?
  5. Where can I find the menu?
  6. Are meals prepared at the Centre?
  7. Can I bring breast milk/formula to the Centre?

At Explorers, we operate on a rotating seasonal menu which is approved by Nutrition Australia. We believe that nutrient-rich, wholefoods are fundamental to children’s early development.

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  1. What qualifications do your Educators have?
  2. How many Educators are there per child?
  3. What is the Enrichment Program?
  4. Do you have incursions?
  5. What are regular outings?
  6. How is kinder taught at the Centre?

Our Educators are key to our operations. Their knowledge and experience are outstanding, especially when it comes to our immersive curriculum. Our Educators regularly go above and beyond to nurture your little one’s early learning journey, so don’t hesitate to ask how they implement our education practices! 


  1. What does an average day look like?
  2. What are make-up days?
  3. How can I stay updated on my child’s activity throughout the day?
  4. Do you have an app?
  5. How does pick up and drop off work?
  6. How does handover work between shifts?
  7. Can I collect my child early?
  8. Is the Centre open on public holidays?

We strive for consistency in our Centres to ensure your child receives the best quality care, as well as allowing the smoothest transition between childcare and primary school.

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  1. What is security like at the Centre?
  2. Are your Educators first aid trained?
  3. What is your sick child policy?
  4. What are the cleaning policies and schedules?
  5. Do you have summer and winter policies?

Child safety is paramount at Explorers. Our teams are well trained in implementing our safety strategies and ensuring all Educators are up to date with child safety standards. In fact, Explores recently signed an agreement with In Safe Hands, a leading provider of child safety training in Australia, to deliver focused child safety training across our Centres.

And remember, you can always contact your Centre Director after your tour if you have any questions. Additionally, you can also touch base our Family Support Team at 1300 000 335 or stop by our online Family Support Portal. Our website is filled with blog posts and handy resources to answer all your childcare questions.

Above all, try not to worry! More often than not, we find our children settle in almost immediately and create meaningful and long-lasting bonds with our Educators as they guide them from as early as six weeks to six years of age.

To tour one of our beautiful Centres, please click here. Otherwise, check out our website to register your interest at Explorers Early Learning today!