7 Aussie Children’s Books to Read this Christmas

7 December 2022

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Need a new read for the little one? See below for our list of 7 Aussie children’s books that are sure to get your child reading this Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner, which means books, movies and carols filled with snow, woolly sweaters, pecan pie and mugs of piping hot cocoa. However, you’ve probably noticed that these Christmas conventions hardly represent a typical Australian Christmas.

So, to get your little ones into the Christmas spirit, we’ve listed our favourite children’s books that tell the story of how it’s done in Australia, complete with BBQs, summer, backyard cricket, party hats and (too many) Christmas cracker jokes. These books are perfect to read with children, while also supporting local Aussie creatives!

1. Bin Chicken and the Christmas Turkey by Jol Temple, Kate Temple and Ronojoy Ghosh (Illustrator)

In recent years, the humble Australian white ibis – better known as bin chickens, tip turkeys and picnic pirates – has become something of an Australian iconBin Chicken and the Christmas Turkey hilariously chronicles the journey of one such bin chicken – and his feathery friends – as he learns the magic of Christmas.

2. An Aussie Night Before Christmas by Yvonne Morrison and Kilmeny Niland (Illustrator)

If you’re wondering why this is such an Aussie Christmas classic, look no further than the blurb:

Christmas in the middle of an Australian summer means Santa has to find new ways to deliver his presents. The obvious solutions are to don a sunhat, shorts and a pair of thongs, not to mention ditching the sleigh and reindeer in favour of some roos and a ute. 

Morrison’s charming depiction of Australian Christmas pairs perfectly with Niland’s vibrant illustrations to produce a captivating image of Christmas down under.

3. Christmas Wombat by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley (Illustrator)

Christmas from a wombat’s point of view – what’s not to love? French is at her brilliant best with this playful story of a wombat’s quest for carrots. Reindeer, chimneys and even Santa himself won’t get in the way!

This is the perfect story to get children reading and thinking about healthy eating.

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4. The Twelve Days of Christmas Island by Teresa Lagrange

The Twelve Days of Christmas Island is beautiful in its simplicity. Lagrange, who wrote and illustrated this wonderful book, cleverly adopts the format of the twelve days of Christmas to explore Australia flora and fauna. Naturally, this forms a memorable page-turner that you’ll be reading over and over again with the little ones!

5. An Aussie Christmas Gum Tree by Jackie Hosking and Nathaniel Eckstrom (Illustrator)

An Aussie Christmas Gum Tree stars possums, kookaburras and kangaroos as they venture through the great outback. Possum, and his Christmas crew, then embark on a noble journey to spread the Christmas spirit by decorating a gum tree with trinkets, ornaments and all sorts of quirky objects. Eckstrom’s artistic style and Hosking’s brilliant story bring the outback to life in this fanciful tale of Australian Christmas.

6. Christmas Always Comes by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley (Illustrator)

Christmas Always Comes also takes place in the familiar Australian setting of the outback. Santa, not one to give up on his promise to deliver presents, searches the dusty roads of the outback for farmer’s children. Little Joey, however, knows that Christmas always comes. Whatley’s beautiful illustrations perfectly embody the Australian bush and French’s story brings this story of belief and perseverance to life.

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7. What Do You Wish For? by Jane Godwin and Anna Walker (Illustrator)

Bestselling duo Godwin and Walker team up again to create this touching Christmas hit. What Do You Wish For? is an exploration of children’s tendency to wish and dream, but Ruby isn’t like her friends. While some children wish for skateboards and puppies, Ruby understands that Christmas is about more than just the presents. Through this story, Godwin and Walker teach children to appreciate what they have, as well highlighting why the truly special things in life can’t be granted by a wish.

Overall, any form of reading is a wonderful way to bond with your child, as well as developing their emotional and creative skills. Additionally, reading improves children’s cognitive functions, intelligence and understanding of the world around them. Be sure to check out our blog on Book Week to learn all about the importance of reading at an early age.

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