Kinder at Explorers

Kindergarten sets the foundation for the school journey that lies ahead.

Explorers offers a government approved Kindergarten program for three- and four-year-olds, developed in line with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework’s (VEYLDF) guidelines and recommendations.

Our play-based program focuses on nurturing essential skills in literacy, numeracy, social interactions, and emotional intelligence, setting a solid foundation for a seamless transition to school.

Led by our bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers, our Kindergarten program provides individual support to each child. By building upon their unique strengths and interests, we foster a lifelong love for learning.

Our Kindergarten Program

Our Kinder Program is designed to nurture and empower our young learners, providing them with a strong foundation for their educational journey.

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Our program focuses on:

  • Enhancing attention spans through engaging small and whole group experiences.
  • Building friendships and teamwork, promoting a sense of achievement through collaboration.
  • Developing resilience and problem-solving skills to navigate challenges with confidence.
  • Nurturing a passion for discovery and empowering children to explore and learn together.
  • Cultivating essential literacy and numeracy skills, sparking excitement for reading and math.

To find out more about Kindergarten at Explorers, check out our Kinder FAQS.

A nurturing environment where little minds can flourish.

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Prep for Prep

As an integral part of our Kindergarten Program, all our 4-year-old Kinder children benefit from our school readiness program ‘Prep for Prep’. Designed to prepare them for a successful transition to school, this program includes:

Welcome Group Time

Each morning the class will have a ‘Welcome Group Time,’ welcoming the children to the room and the learning experiences that are planned for the day.

Small Group Learning

Children enjoy opportunities for individual and small group learning, covering literacy, numeracy and other areas in line with individual children’s needs

Regular Updates

Stay connected with your child's progress. Our Kindergarten and Prep for Prep Teachers will post regular updates on our app about learning that has taken place in the program.


Encourage a love for reading as your child gets the opportunity to borrow books from our centre's library to share with family.

Show and Share

Embrace self-expression with our Show and Share sessions, where sharing is celebrated.

School Bag

In Term 4, children can choose to bring their school bag, enhancing their sense of readiness for the next chapter.

Lunch Boxes

Term 4 features a special lunch box program. Children are asked to bring an empty lunch box on certain days, and the chef will provide them with a packed lunch. This enables the children to practice a lunch routine similar to school.

School Excursions

Exciting school excursions to the local school enable children to explore a classroom and playground alongside their Kinder friends.