Kinder Funding Declaration Process

All families are required to formally nominate one service to claim Kinder Funding through.

Please note that two separate forms must be submitted to receive Kinder Funding. Both forms are required by the Department of Education.

Please complete the following steps for your Kinder Funding Declaration:

    1. Complete The Kindergarten Funding Form
      (This information is collected and stored in the Government’s Kindergarten Information Management System – KIMS)
    2. Complete The Department of Education – Funded Kindergarten Place Declaration Form
      (This form is a declaration that you will only claim Kindergarten Funding at one service and requires parent/guardian signature via Docusign)

Once all documentation has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and your free Kinder subsidies will be applied to reduce the fees you pay. Please be aware that this could take up to four weeks.