I want to request a make-up day

To support our families Explorers will offer a ‘make-up day’ for each public holiday.

If you would like to request a make-up day, you can do this through the Xap Smile app.

To do this please follow these instructions:
1. Open the Xap Smile app
2. Click on the Calendar icon
3. Click on the green + button
4. Select the relevant Child name
5. Select the relevant room
6. Select the relevant session
7. Select the date that you would like to request a make-up booking for

The following conditions apply for makeup days:

Makeup days need to be booked within 12 months and are subject to availability.
Where a child attends Explorers five days a week, a half daily fee will be charged for public holidays.
Where a family is not up to date with their account (in debt), no make-up day will be offered until the account is up to date.

Download the Xap Smile App:
Apple App Store
Google Play