An Explorers Guide: What to Pack for Childcare

11 January 2024

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Is the first day of childcare sneaking up on you? Check out our list of must-pack items to ensure a smooth start to early childhood education 👇

After touring the Centre, filling out the forms, and meeting your child’s Educators, the first day of childcare will come before you know it. Although Explorers Early Learning provides the essentials, there’s still children’s individual, medical, and emotional needs to consider.

So, what do you need to pack for your child for childcare?  

In this post, we provide a must-read checklist of what to pack for childcare, detailing everything your child needs for a seamless start to this exciting first step in their education journeys!

What Do We Provide?

Explorers offers the following essentials for all the Little Explorers in our care:

  • All meals (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and a late snack)
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Children’s bedding
  • S26 Formula (if required)
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What Do You Need to Pack for Childcare?

Each child possesses unique cherished items, medical needs, and individual considerations. Therefore, make a checklist of the following items in the weeks leading up to their first day.

Not every item will apply to each child, so it’s crucial to consider various items and clothing, especially for children enrolled five days per week.

Remember to clearly label your child’s belongings!

  • Milk bottles and formula/breast milk (if required): Hand breast milk directly to our friendly staff for proper storage; please avoid leaving it in your child’s bag.
  • Security/comfort items: This might be a stuffed animal, sentimental blanket, or extra special toy that your child may need for comfort, particularly for sleep times.
  • A reusable water bottle filled with water only: We encourage water consumption at Explorers. Pack a clean water bottle for refills throughout the day, but remember to take it home daily for cleaning.
  • Nappy cream (if required): Sudocrem is preferred. If not, please ensure your nappy cream is nut-free!
  • A sleeping bag: If preferred, you can pack a sleeping bag for your child. Alternatively, Explorers will provide bedding.
  • A complete change of clothes: This is essential as our Little Explorers engage in indoor play, outdoor play, and messy play. We ask that children do not wear singlets or open-toed shoes in summer. Children in toilet training should bring three extra sets of clothes and an additional pair of shoes.
  • A warm jumper, woolly hat, and jacket for cooler weather: We love getting our Little Explorers out into nature, even in the colder months. Therefore, pack plenty of warm clothing as the chill sets in. Beanies are a favourite, which we provide!
  • A wide-brimmed hat or legionnaires hat: Baseball caps provide little coverage during those scorching summers, so please pack a wide-brimmed hat instead.
  • The Explorers Wet Bag (provided by Explorers): With all that outdoor play, children are bound to get wet from time to time. We’ve got you covered, just remember to bring a spare set.
  • The Explorers Belonging Bag (provided by Explorers): Clearly label all items – you don’t want anything getting lost!
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Do You Need to Pack Food or Meals?

Please do not pack any snacks or meals for your child. This is for the safety of all children, Educators, and visitors at the Centre who may have allergies and/or intolerances.

But rest assured, our brilliant chefs prepare all meals with loads of fresh ingredients, ensuring your child won’t go hungry!

What if Your Child Requires Prescription Medication?

If your child requires prescription medication throughout the day, please hand it directly to your child’s Room Leader and speak with reception to fill out the necessary forms. Please do not pack the medication along with your child’s other belongings – this is for children’s safety.

With all these considerations in mind, write out a checklist and speak with your child before the first day regarding each item in their bag. Let them know where everything is and why it’s there, particularly for their comfort items.

Likewise, be sure to speak with our knowledgeable and friendly Educators if you have any concerns. Above all, try not to worry – your child is in good hands. Not only is safety the number one priority at Explorers, they’ll also be receiving premium quality early childhood education to set them up for a lifetime love of learning and exploration.

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