7 Sentimental DIY Father’s Day Gifts

30 August 2022

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Looking for something more meaningful than a new power drill? Read on for some DIY Father’s Day gifts that are sure to make Dad’s special day even better!

It’s almost Father’s Day! The commercials are filled with specials on toolboxes, neckties are on sale and you’re glaring at that homebrewing kit you bought last year that’s never been used.

With more gift choices now than ever, we’ve done away with the quirky socks and ‘World’s Best Dad’ mugs to list some wonderfully sentimental – and environmentally friendly – DIY gifts that will mean so much more to Dad, Grandad or the special person in your life than a new power drill.

1. Father’s Day Picture Frame

In a world of smartphones, computers and screens seemingly everywhere, it can be easy to forget the simple magic of a framed photograph. A family photo is the perfect addition to a bedside table or office desk, so why not make it extra special?

With some basic materials, you and your little one can create a unique picture frame for Dad in a few easy steps! Once you’ve assembled your desired frame, just add glue and decorate. For example, you can use sequin, glitter, buttons, stamps, old newspaper scraps, seashells or even twigs! The possibilities are endless, so get as creative as you like.

2. Artwork

Do you have a little Michelangelo at home? If so, artwork is the perfect gift for Dad while also providing your child a sense of accomplishment. Whether it’s a portrait, a sketch of a special moment or just some squiggly lines, Dad’s love seeing their children’s artistic spirit come to life.

Moreover, you can print drawings onto t-shirts, mousepads, posters, Father’s Day cards and fridge magnets. Not to mention they make a fine addition to a custom picture frame.

3. Wooden Coaster

If you come across some fallen branch, why not take it home for a DIY project?

All you need is a thick enough branch (at least 9cm in diameter), a saw, a brush, some sandpaper (heavy and fine) and clear varnish. It’s a surprisingly simple process with remarkably personal results:

  • Cut the thick parts of the branch with a saw into desired coaster sized discs.
  • Sandpaper the top and bottom. Use a heavy paper for the wider areas and a fine paper for the harder to reach nooks – don’t sandpaper the bark on the outside.
  • Coat all around the wood with clear varnish and let it dry.

This one requires strict parental supervision, however your child can pitch in by helping apply the varnish with a brush or even team up on the saw. Additionally, you can personalise a coaster further by using a wood burner to write out a message or signature.

For a more in-depth guide, click here.

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4. Bookmark

custom bookmark is the perfect gift for bookworms this Father’s Day. All you need is some coloured card, scissors, ribbons, a hole punch, some texters and an idea.  

DIY bookmarks are a wonderful gift because they can be effortlessly personalised. If he’s a keen fisher, make a fishing rod. If he’s a foodie, make a spatula. Does he love golf? You get the idea. Lastly, you can go the extra mile by writing out a special message or poem to make this bookmark stand out!

5. Clay Creation

Clay play is a deeply sensory experience for children because they use both hands to feel and work the material. Moreover, it’s a popular form of messy play which aids in children’s emotional and physical developmental in an environmentally friendly way. Just make sure to look out for non-toxic clay and always supervise your child during clay time.

You can create mugs, bowls, pencil holders, paperweights or anything your child desires. A dragon? A mini football? A mould of their hand? The only limit is their imagination because clay is the perfect blank canvas. Mistakes are easily reversed by mushing the art and starting over. However, make sure you take finished products to a ceramist to be professionally fired in a kiln as conventional ovens don’t get nearly hot enough to fire clay.

6. Plants

Need something to put into that clay-fired plant pot? Plants are a sentimental and environmentally friendly Father’s Day gift without breaking the bank. Cacti are a Father’s Day favourite, as are bonsai trees, spider plants and dragon trees.

In recent years, Jade plants – also known as money plants – have exploded in popularity. This is likely because they’re considered lucky, require little care and make the perfect addition to a study, bedroom or office space. Just give them water, light and lots of love and they’ll last for years!

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7. Baked Goods

If you think dad will force a smile at all the above, why not keep it simple? Baking your special someone their favourite treat is a foolproof plan because homemade food is so much more personal than grabbing the first thing you see at the supermarket.

You can personalise baked goodies with edible toppers and food dye to celebrate their favourite sports team, hobby or tv show. However, baked goods won’t last (at least you hope they won’t!), so you can always pair them with another gift like a homemade plate or mug filled with freshly brewed coffee.

In conclusion, Dad, Grandad or whoever you celebrate the day with deserves to be spoiled on their special day. Whether it’s a framed drawing, a prickly cactus or a tray of brownies, be sure to thank them for everything they do and to celebrate the occasion together. After all, they deserve so much more than a new screwdriver.

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