5 Fun Ways to Celebrate World Wildlife Day

22 February 2023

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Happy World Wildlife Day! This day raises awareness for global conservation efforts. Read on for our 5 fun ways to celebrate this important day!

World Wildlife Day is observed annually on 3 March to raise awareness for global wildlife conservation efforts. Likewise, it’s a chance to celebrate the amazing biodiversity of plant and animal life which inhabit our planet.

Each year, World Wildlife Day has a specific theme that focuses on a different aspect of wildlife preservation and protection. This year’s theme is ‘Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation.

To celebrate World Wildlife Day, we’ve listed five fun ways you can get your little one out in nature and learning about the importance of sustainability.

1. Make a Garden

Not only does gardening get children active, but it also teaches them about responsibility as they learn to care for a living thing. You can create a special space in your backyard for your little one to plant seeds, water them and watch them grow. Additionally, you can incorporate different plant species, build birdhouses and add homemade decorations like coloured rocks and little signs. This is a wonderful way to teach children the beauty of natural spaces and how they can help protect them.

At Explorers, we encourage budding green thumbs through our One World, One Planet program. Our Garden and Sustainability Teacher regularly visits the Centres, introducing children to the joys of gardening, sustainability and watching things grow.

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2. Go on a Nature Walk

A nature walk is a great way to get your little one exploring the world. Take your child to a local park, nature reserve or lake and encourage them to observe the plants and animals in their natural ecosystem. To help out, Museums Victoria has a Field Guide smartphone app to help you identify different species. Try making a game of it by seeing how many you can find!

3. Make Wildlife-Themed Crafts

Arts and crafts are perfect for engaging children’s creativity and teaching them about wildlife. You can make animal masks, bird feeders or even create a mini ecosystem in a jar. All you need is a clear bottle, some patches of moss, soil and small rocks!

Otherwise, loose parts and recycled materials are ideal for teaching children about recycling, while also letting them flex their creative muscles. At Explorers, we gather loose parts through our Recycle Stations and repurpose them in new and exciting ways. These experiences teach children about sustainability, recycling and waste reduction.

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4. Visit the Zoo or Aquarium

A trip to the Melbourne Zoo is a fun and educational activity to help children learn about different species and their habitats. Not only is the Melbourne Zoo globally recognised in zoo management, but it also offers a host of child-friendly activities. There are picnics, toy animals, maps with fun facts, interactive activities and educational programs for the children.

Alternatively, the Melbourne Aquarium is the perfect weekend activity. In fact, the World Wildlife Day theme just a few years ago was, ‘Life below water: for people and planet.’ The Aquarium regularly champions conservation efforts through their partnership with SEA Life Trust.

5. Read Wildlife-Themed Books

Reading wildlife themed books introduces children to different species and their habitats while also stimulating their imagination. You can read them as a family and discuss the themes and lessons of the story. Thankfully, there are many wonderful children’s books from Australian authors available that teach about animals, their behaviour and their environment. Just a few examples include:

🐭 Bilby Secrets by Edel Wignell and illustrated by Mark Jackson
🐟 Saving the Spotted Handfish by Gina Newton and illustrated by Rachel Tribou
🦘 Jumping Joeys by Sarah Allen
🌏 Big World, Tiny World: Reef by Jess Racklyeft

In conclusion, World Wildlife Day is the perfect opportunity to teach children about the significance of conservation and the amazing diversity in nature. With these child-friendly activities, you can engage your child’s curiosity about the natural world and pave the way for the next generation of world leaders. After all, 2017’s World Wildlife Day theme was ‘Listen to the Young Voices’, which speaks volumes about the wisdom of even the littlest among us.  

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