What do I need to bring?

Children need to bring their own bag to the Centre each day which can be stored in your child’s locker.

The following items will need to be included in the bag and clearly labelled:

  • Milk bottles and formula/breast milk if required.
    (Breast milk should be handed directly to a staff member for appropriate storage and must not be left in your child’s bag).
  • Security/comfort items.
  • A reusable water bottle filled with water only. This bottle is to be returned home each day for cleaning.
  • Nappy cream if required.
    (Sudocrem is preferred).
  • A complete change of clothes.
    (For children being toilet trained, please include three sets of clothes and an extra pair of shoes. Please remember that children will engage in indoor/outdoor and messy play and clothes may get dirty).
  • A warm jumper, woolly hat and jacket for cooler weather.
    (Explorers will provide a beanie).
  • A wide-brimmed hat or legionnaires hat.
    (Explorers will provide a bucket hat. Sun hats are required from September to the end of April in line with our Sun Smart policy. Please note that baseball caps do not offer enough protection and are not recommended).
  • The Explorers Wet Bag.
    (This is provided by Explorers for children’s dirty/wet clothing).
  • The Explorers Belonging Bag.
    (This is provided by Explorers).