Why Families Love Explorers?

Thank you to all families who recently completed our Parent Satisfaction Survey, where we asked for their feedback on our Centre operations. We are proud to announce that 53% of our family community participated in the survey, which is an outstanding response.

We have a strong continuous improvement strategy at Explorers to ensure the quality of care and education continues to exceed family expectations. The feedback has been incredibly insightful and has changed our thinking on several initiatives across the centres.

The Survey Scores Explained

When requesting feedback on our performance, we asked our families how likely they were, on a scale of 1-10, to refer their Centre to a friend, as well as the reasoning for their score. The results were used to calculate a Net Promoter Score (NPS) for each centre. NPS is a global standard for calculating customer satisfaction, and is calculated as follows:

  • Determine the % of families who scored their centre 9-10 (promoters)
  • Determine the % of families who scored their centre 1-6 (detractors)
  • Deduct the % of detractors from the % promoters to create the NPS score.

Please note – a score of 7 or 8 is considered passive and therefore these scores are excluded from the calculations.

Our Result

We are proud to announce that Explorers scored 60.1 overall on the Parent Satisfaction Survey, which is considered world class performance! Industry comparisons sit between 33-44. Our overall satisfaction is a testament to the work of our valued employees across our centres.

What Families Liked

It was a humbling experience to read all the survey responses. The feedback received determines our key indicators for success and helps us understand what makes Explorers a special place for their children.

The key success indicators were:

  • The quality of care and education provided by our wonderful team members.
  • The quality of the educational program.
  • The level of comfort and happiness of the children attending the centre.
  • The quality of the Centre and access to educational resources.
  • The level of employee retention and consistency.

Where We Can Improve

When families provided commentary about how we can improve, regardless of the level of satisfaction, we noted the following:

  • Consistent use of the OWNA and EDUCA portal (app).
  • The frequency of updating families on their child’s development.
  • Implementation of the extra-curricular activities.
  • Assistance with the billing application and Family Support functions.
  • The Centre menu.
  • Staff consistency.
  • Centre and Family Support team communication.
  • Onboarding of new children and room to room transitions.

Next Steps

As mentioned earlier, we have a strong commitment to continuous improvement to ensure we maintain and continue to exceed family expectations. We are implementing several initiatives and strategies to improve families’ overall experience with Explorers:

  • Surveying all team members to understand the challenges they face, to better understand what Explorers can do to support them.
  • Holding a Leadership retreat for all Centre management, focusing on the Parent Satisfaction Survey results.
  • Reviewing all Centre rosters to ensure consistency, for example, increasing some shifts by 30 minutes to better support the morning and afternoon handover.
  • In consultation with Nutrition Australia, implementing a four-week trial menu tailored to reflect the feedback families have given us.
  • Reviewing accessibility to technology and devices for our Team members to make it easy to update the Educational Portal (app).
  • We will be sending all families an email with some tips and links to videos to assist them when using the XAP application.
  • Launching in May, an improved extracurricular program called the ‘Enrichment Program”. The Enrichment Program will include:
    • Active Explorers – Sports program
    • Little Impressionists – Music and Arts program
    • One World, One Plant – Sustainability Program
    • Little linguist – Language Program
  • Professional development and workshops to enhance communication styles and strategies for all team members.
  • A Harvard Business professional development course focusing on leadership for senior management.
  • Creating an FAQ flyer to assist families with childcare questions and queries they may have.
  • A 6-week maintenance program has been established for each Centre to address building defects, car park cleanliness, and other small defects to maintain a safe environment for Explorer families.
  • A working group was established to review the customer journey to improve the process and interactions between families and our Family Support team. This will include videos, email updates, and FAQ sheets.

Prep for Prep

In addition to the above initiatives, we are excited to announce that we will be introducing a Prep for Prep program across all Centres. Further information will be provided in the coming months.  However, we are excited to support a smoother transition from Kinder to Prep throughout 2021-2022.

We are very grateful for the high level of participation from our family community. It helps us celebrate our achievements and guides our strategy for improvement.

We look forward to sharing our future improvements with you.

If you would like to provide any feedback or commentary about your experiences with Explorers, please let us know.