Kat Sciberras – Life as an Educational Leader

Kathy Sciberras, an Explorers Early Learning veteran, is the hard-working and ardent Educational Leader of Explorers Maidstone. Having worked at Explorers since 2012, Kathy (nicknamed Kat), prides herself in living and breathing the Explorers philosophy and in overseeing the curriculum and education of all children across the centre.

Kat has grown her own career from the bottom up, and all at Explorers. She began as a Casual Assistant, whilst completing her Certificate III. Kat then completed her Diploma and excelled through other roles including Assistant Educator and Room Leader before gaining her current position as Educational Leader.

Why did you choose a career in Early Childhood? I thought I would fit right in as I am a big kid at heart and have a bubbly personality. Working with young children was something I wanted to do from a young age, but I didn’t immediately take the leap to do it. Once I did, I can honestly say that I’ve never looked back and love every minute of each day.

What is your favourite part of the day? My favourite part of the day is when an Educator approaches me with a great idea for their classroom, their eyes sparkling with excitement as they share it with me.

What do you love most about working at Explorers? What is not to love? I love that each day we are supported with everything we do. We are given frequent opportunities to attend training and development sessions. I was even lucky enough to fly to Reggio Emilia, Italy, earlier this year to study the Reggio Emilia philosophy in its birth place.

What is your favourite thing to do when you aren’t working? Be with my family.

Tell us about a project you are proud of… Our whole centre recently worked on an art exhibition. This centre-wide project was so rewarding for myself, the Educators and children. We were so proud to be able to show case all of the children’s artwork to their families and local community.

What is your favourite type of holiday? Anywhere with sun and water!

What are your career goals within the industry? My goal is to always strive for the best and never give up. I feel I have come a long way and continue to share my passion with everyone around me.

What is your personal teaching philosophy? I believe children learn by seeing, hearing, exploring, questioning and being encouraged and supported to be themselves. It’s very important to me that children feel respected, secure and valued.

What is one of your key strengths? I’m organised and always have everything ready to go!

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