Our Philosophy

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  • Children are seen as active participants in creating their own learning environment within a safe indoor/outdoor program that fosters their well-being and development.
  • A child initiated play based program stimulates children’s learning, exploration and social connections.
  • Children are trusted to make choices.
  • Children are recognised as a competent community of teachers and learners.
  • Explorers value the belief that children use multiple mediums for communication


  • Families are the primary influence on their child’s learning and development.
  • Respectful partnerships between educators and each family are nurtured and valued.
  • Children are given the opportunity to spend quality time with siblings, family and friends.
  • All families have the opportunity to discuss the development and wellbeing of their children in a professional and confidential environment.


  • Educators are intentional in their approach to creating meaningful opportunities for learning.
  • Educators explore and share diverse pedagogical practices and experiences.
  • Educators are intrinsically motivated to reflect on and enhance their professional development.


  • Exploring the local community allows children to develop their sense of belonging.
  • The Explorers community is enriched by celebrating and sharing similarities and differences.
  • Explorers are dedicated to learning about and acknowledging the traditional owners of the land.
  • Explorers recognise their responsibilities as active community members, raising funds for charities selected by the Explorers community.


  • Children are encouraged to explore their inherent connection to nature, including dirt, sand and water.
  • Children form empathy towards all living things through enjoyment of nature and a sense of responsibility within quality environmental programs.
  • The Explorers community are dedicated to promoting and implementing sustainable practices, including edible gardens.
  • Explorers promotes the use of recycled, reusable, natural and sustainable resources.
  • Inspired by Reggio Emilia, the environment is recognised for its potential to inspire children