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15 January 2023

How (and Why) to Raise a Child Inventor

Inventing is more important for early childhood development than you might think.

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19 December 2022

11 Sensory Activities in Melbourne this Summer

Looking for some summer activities for the little ones? Check out our list of 11 sensory activities to check out in Melbourne this summer.

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12 December 2022

How is Christmas Celebrated Around the World?

Ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated across the pond? Read on for some unique ways the festive season is celebrated around the world!

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7 December 2022

7 Aussie Children’s Books to Read this Christmas

Need a new read for the little one? Check out our list of 7 Aussie children's books that are sure to get your child reading this Christmas!

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28 November 2022

The Must-Ask Questions on Your Childcare Centre Tour

Unsure of what to ask on your Explorers Centre tour? Here's our comprehensive list of the must-ask questions!

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2 November 2022

Classroom Mascots – Why They Matter

Did you have a favourite stuffed toy as a child? As it turns out, it may've been vital to your early childhood development.

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18 October 2022

What does Halloween Really Teach Children?

Ever wondered if Halloween goes deeper than the scary costumes and trick-or-treating? In this post, we look at the fascinating history and educational value of this spooky holiday.

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20 September 2022

Teaching Children to Look Up – Space Week

Teaching children about space is important for stimulating their imagination. Check out our blog for some some fun Space Week activities!

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Why Your Child Should Get Active this Spring

How much exercise is enough for your child? We look at the science of why it's so important to get the little one's moving this spring.

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7 Handy Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Is your bin filled with expired food? Check out our blog post to save your hard-earned money and teach your child sustainable habits!

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