Extras Program

Our Extras Program has been created to enhance the children’s experience and provide opportunities for learning in specialised areas. All children are welcome to participate in this program at no additional cost.

Gardening & Sustainability

We believe nature and sustainability teaches interconnectedness, and establishes a child’s understanding that they are part of, and dependent on something greater than themselves.

Our complimentary Gardening & Sustainability program, available to all children, is run by our passionate in-house Sustainability Officer.

This program involves many experiences including:

  • Growing, caring for and harvesting our own fruit and vegetables in the community garden. The produce is then used in cooking or taken home for families to enjoy
  • Growing seeds, planting and gardening
  • Utilising recycle stations, worm farms and compost bins, which families and children are encouraged to contribute to
  • Teaching children to reduce food waste and behave sustainably.

Creative Arts

At Explorers we are guided by the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach, which promotes the belief that children learn and express themselves through multiple mediums.

During our Creative Arts sessions all children have the opportunity to explore a range of creative tools and materials, with the support and direction of a qualified artist. The classes encourage self expression, communication, exchange of ideas, collaboration and social interaction.

We respect our children’s work and proudly share creations in our centre, in the local community and with families.

Music & Movement

Our Music & Movement program is designed to help children’s physical and social wellbeing. Our resident Music and Movement teacher encourages a highly active class, involving the children in various music, dance, singing and movement experiences.

Music and movement stimulates all areas of child development, helping the mind and body work together. This program assists children in learning to express themselves, empathise, think abstractly, memorise, listen and much more.


French Language

Our French teacher helps children learn the French language through stories, songs, dances and many other engaging experiences.

We witness many great benefits by exposing children to second languages in their early years. These include:

  • The appreciation for other cultures, people and styles of communication
  • Improved problem solving skills & critical thinking skills
  • Enhanced memory and creativity.