Exploring Colour

This is a multi-sensory experience. Exploring with colours and different textures presents a multitude of learning opportunities whilst your little Explorer is having fun.

This experience provides opportunities to practice develop many skills including; concentration, fine motor and coordination skills.

Recognizing and identifying the name of colours is an important part of a child’s development. Early identification of colours help creates cognitive links between visual clues and words.

To set up this experience you will need the following resources:

  1. A4 white paper
  2. Large zip lock bag
  3. Red, blue and yellow paint


1. Place A4 paper inside the zip lock bag.
2. Pour a bit of paint into the bag and close zip lock securely.
3. Place on the ground or table and ask your child to mix the colours all around.

At this age, children love to help. Invite your child to help you add paper, pour the paint, and secure the top of the zip lock.

For additional textures and effects, you can add other items in the bag for additional fun like leaves, sticks, sand and dirt.

This experience is quick and easy to set up with three simple steps. Children love squishing and spreading the colours. This experience calls for primary colours, as the squishing and smushing mixtures the primary colours together, making new colours.

At Explorers, we encourage all children to explore their world through the natural environment. Our environment curriculum provides opportunities for children to explore their curiosities and discover new interests through a range of resources.

This is a great example of a simple experience you can create at home with your little one for everyone to enjoy.

Throughout these unprecedented times, we understand that in can be tough especially juggling work and home life, throw in children to the mix and it is difficult to balance.

Considering this, we want children to be able to access our Explorers experience at home.

We continue to promote the curious mind of your little Explorer to engage, explore and discover a new way of learning at home!

Inspired by our service philosophy and the Reggio Emilia approach, our [email protected] series includes a range of workshops and experiences for all children to enjoy.

We hope you will join in and be an active participant in your child’s learning using our [email protected] series.