Explorers Home Experience

Throughout this strange coronavirus time of self-isolation many of us staying home. We wanted to extend our services to our Explorers family that are unable to attend our services  currently.

Our team of industry experts have designed this education portal to extend our little Explorers learning at home. We introduce online activities and inspiration for our families to easily access. We believe it is important to give our families the freedom to be able to access educational activities and experiences for learning and play to be continued at home.

We have created a space where families can learn together, to remain connected to Explorers family and our Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy. This philosophy focuses on five main factors: children, families, educators, community and environment.

As part of our Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy, children are encouraged to explore their inherent connection to nature and encouraged to form empathy towards all living things through enjoyment of nature and a sense of responsibility through a multitude of learning experiences at our service and extended through our Explorers @ Home booklet.

Families are the primary influence on their child’s learning and development. We nurture and value respectful partnerships between educators and families. Explorers @ Home continues this partnership to flourish particularly when our families are self-isolating.

Our team have designed activities for child-initiated play to continue our regular program that our services provide. These activities are categorised into age groups to stimulate children’s learning, exploration and social connections.

Our Educators are intentional in their approach to creating meaningful opportunities for learning at our service. However, our Explorers @ Home learning resource explores and shares diverse pedagogical practices and experiences for our families to connect with at home.

Our Explorers @ Home learning materials are available to easily access via our family communication app, our website and across our socials.