Enrichment Program

Explorers offers our families a comprehensive early learning experience. Our Explorers Enrichment Program is built in addition to our comprehensive curriculum.

Our Enrichment Program features bespoke learning programs fostering meaningful learning experiences designed to enhance your child’s development- at no additional cost to you.

Embedded in our practice, across all of our Explorers Early Learning centres, our Enrichment program is taught by specialist teachers. Our industry leading professionals integrate their knowledge and passion with our little Explorers on a daily basis.

Prep for Prep Program

Exclusively developed by Explorers Early Learning and taught by a bachelor qualified teacher across the week, our Kinder children will experience an all-inclusive program that will give them first-hand knowledge and confidence to begin their school journey.

Guided by the principles of Reggio Emilia our specialised school readiness program will operate in addition to our Kinder Program. Prep for Prep is created for our funded kinder children to enhance their cognitive, social, and emotional skills ahead of Prep.

Our bespoke program has been designed to encourage strong social and emotional foundations as well as developing literacy and numeracy.

Our Prep for Prep program involves a broad range of learning opportunities which are designed to enhance your child’s knowledge and skills, as the begin their school journey.

We focus on 5 key areas of your child’s development to best prepare your child for their big milestone: starting school. These areas include:

  1. Physical & motor skills
  2. Emotional & social regulation
  3. Cognitive learning
  4. Language abilities
  5. Emotional resilience

Our Prep for Prep Program is our specifically designed school readiness program which supports the development of social-emotional skills, critical thinking and problem solving, improving confidence and independence skills.

We offer this program in addition to our daily curriculum for your little Explorer- at no additional cost to you. Our program assists in building a solid foundation in your child’s development and learning prior to starting school.

One World, One Planet

Embedded in our Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy, we believe nature and sustainability teaches interconnectedness and establishes a child’s understanding that they are part of, and dependent on something greater than themselves.

Our all-inclusive program focuses on sustainable living, recycling, gardening, caring for animals and centre pets. Our Sustainability Teacher instils the importance of why and how to care for our planet and all living things. Our One World, One Planet program is delivered across our centres, both inside and outside our children’s classrooms.

Active Explorers

Delivered in our architecturally designed open outdoor spaces, our Active Explorers program has been specifically designed for age-appropriate physical activities to get your little Explorer moving!

Your little Explorer will develop their coordination, fine and gross motor skills, whilst interacting and learning new skills guided by a fitness professional.

Little Impressionists

Nurturing your little Explorer’s creative abilities, our Little Impressionist program is delivered through a weekly hands-on experience in our purpose-built central piazzas.

Lead by a qualified artist, our Little Impressionists program encompasses multisensory creative learning experiences such as mark making, painting, collage, and printing.

Our specialised program also focuses on textural experiences like rubbings and etchings, modelling and clay sculptures, construction, and other tactile experiences using threads and textiles.

Our Reggio Emilia inspired approach promotes the beliefs that children learn and express themselves through multiple mediums. This creative learning experience develops children’s imagination and explores their creativity.

Little Linguist

Our language and culture program explores culture, food and language through a specified language program taught by our qualified language teacher. Your little Explorer will gain a better understanding for the world around them by learning about other cultures and languages through stories, songs, dance and many other engaging experiences.