Explorers Early Learning  provide a 3 year old and 4 year old Kindergarten program including a state funded 4 year old program.

Our Kindergarten Programs are lead by a fully qualified and experienced Kindergarten Teacher within long day care hours.  

As part of the Kindergarten Program, children are exposed to many meaningful learning experiences including numeracy, literacy, science, discovery and much more.

Each program is unique: driven by the Explorers philosophy, your child’s interests and the individual teaching style of the teacher. Once attending an Explorers centre, your child will be automatically enrolled into the Kindergarten program.


Explorers Early Learning promote the following strategies within our program:

  • Encouraging children to make choices about  clothing and dressing themselves.
  • Inspiring children to express their wants and needs.
  • Coaching children to recognise emotions.
  • Facilitating children’s conversation and discussion including answering questions from peers and other adults.
  • Inspiring children to explore their natural environment.
  • Encouraging problem solving and negotiation with peers.
  • Exploring mathematical concepts, literacy, science, discovery & more.
  • Visits to local primary schools to support school readiness (for more info on our School Readiness program click here).


4 Year Old Kindergarten

Qualified Teachers – Explorers 4 year old Kindergarten Programs are state funded and taught by qualified Kindergarten teachers, who hold early learning childhood qualifications recognised for the Kindergarten funding.

Long-Day Care Hours –  Our Teachers work full time, offering the program throughout the day to cater for full time working families. As a minimum, the programs are implemented between 9am and 2pm, but can run until 5.30pm.

Skills for School – The 4 year old Kindergarten program is designed to extend on the 3 year old program but also concentrate on helping children develop life skills in preparation for entering Primary School.

3 Year Old Kindergarten

Our 3 year old Kindergarten Program is used as an opportunity to build on children’s skills and abilities prior to entering 4 year old Kindergarten. We incorporate the environment as the third teacher to increase children’s independence, by allowing them to freely explore and discover new concepts and understandings. Through play with their peers, we will support children to build on their vocabulary and social interactions, holding conversations and sharing their thoughts and ideas confidently.

For more information please see our FAQ page.