School Readiness Program

As part of our Kindergarten Program, all of our 4 year old Kinder children have access to our School Readiness Program. This program focuses on getting children ready – ready for life, for school and to be a member of their community.

Features of the Program include:

Welcome Group Time – Each morning the class will have a ‘Welcome Group Time,’ welcoming the children to the room and the learning experiences that are planned for the day.

Monthly Emails Your child’s Kindergarten Teacher will send a monthly email with tips on activities you can do at home with your child, particularly focusing on school readiness.

Library – Children have the opportunity to borrow books from the centre library to take home and share with their family.

Water Bottles – Children are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and take responsibility of it throughout the day.

Show and TellShow and Tell is encouraged throughout the program.

School BagsChildren can choose to bring their school bag in Term 4.

Lunch Boxes – A lunch-box program occurs in Term 4. Children are asked to bring an empty lunch box on certain days, and the chef will provide them with a packed lunch. This enables the children to practice a lunch routine similar to school, whilst being supported by our Educators.

School Excursions – Children will go on excursions to the local school, enabling them to see a school class room and playground alongside their Kinder friends.