Your Child’s Online Portfolio


We use the online portfolio program, ‘Educa’, to update you on your child’s learning and experiences at Explorers Early Learning. The program is available as an app on iOS and Android and is accessible on your desktop.

Examples of updates include:

  • Learning Outcomes for groups and individual children
  • Photos & Videos
  • Pieces of Artwork
  • Scripts from children’s conversations with peers and educators
  • Reflections from Educators

Why use Educa?

  • All documentation and communication is in one secure online place, making it easier and more time efficient for you and your child’s Educator.
  • It allows you to actively participate and contribute to your child’s learning (you can add your own reflections and photos).
  • You can share your child’s learning experiences at Explorers with extended family and friends.
  • You can write and share stories about your child’s experiences and learning over the weekends and holidays.
  • You can provide comments about your child’s learning at Explorers.
  • Your input gives our Educators further knowledge of the child’s interests which we can then incorporate in the Explorers program.
  • Portfolios can easily be sent to your child’s school once they leave Explorers.