5 Fun and Educational activities for children

Whether it is the weekend, a day off from childcare, or school holidays, being home with your child means you will have the task of keeping them entertained while you juggle your home and/or work responsibilities. We have chosen our top 5 fun and educational activities to help keep your child busy.

1. Nature treasure hunts

Create a list of things your child may be able to spot outside like trees, birds, sticks, clouds, etc., and create a checklist. Send your child on a hunt to find all these things outside and tick off all the boxes. This will get them outside for some fresh air as well as enjoying and learning about nature.

2. Building a cubby house

Nothing says keeping your child occupied like building a cubby house. Gather some pillows, blankets, toys, and books and allocate an area for them to get to work. Add in some cardboard or paper for them to make some signs or drawings for decorations. This should spare you a few hours!

3. Chalk drawings and games

Give your child a bucket of chalk and full creative direction of your driveway/backyard. You may suggest certain ideas to inspire them or get them to draw freely. There are also some fun chalk games you can teach them like hopscotch or alphabet hop.

Alphabet hop is a great game for children starting to learn the alphabet. Use the chalk to make 26 squares or circles and write the letters in the alphabet of each. Call out the letters and get your child to jump to the right letter. Luckily, a rainy day is all you need to clean up after this activity.

4. Baking

Baking is just as fun for children as it is for parents – we all love eating yummy treats! Set aside an hour to make something fun with your child. There are plenty of great child-friendly recipes online. Anything with icing is a handy option to occupy them for a little longer and allows them to be creative. Baking can also be a great way to teach your child about measurements and numbers.

5. Gardening

Planting seeds is a great way to introduce your child to gardening. You can find seeds to grow in stores or online and can use an empty egg carton or glass jars to plant them. Some seeds that sprout quicker than others, so your child does not lose interest. Lettuce, beans, or herbs are great options for this activity.

At Explorers, as part of the Reggio Emilia philosophy, we do not consider these activities as a break from learning, but as an opportunity for hands-on learning experiences. These activities at home are as influential as activities in a classroom and are designed to provoke interest and give countless learning opportunities.

For more activity ideas, get in touch with our qualified staff at your local Explorers Early Learning Centre.