At Explorers, we like to give our children a little bit EXTRA.  Our Extras Program has been created to enhance our educational program and expose the children to opportunities for learning in specialised areas. All attending children have the opportunity to participate in our Extras program.

Gardening & Sustainability Program

At Explorers our in house Sustainability Officer,  Maggie, runs our Gardening and Sustainability program.

This program involves many different ongoing projects of which the children can participate in. This includes growing fruit and vegetables in the community garden, which are then used in cooking or taken home to families. Maggie teaches the concept of Sustainable living throughout the development and harvesting of these vegetable gardens.

Other sustainable practices promoted within this program include:

  • Worm farms
  • Compost Bins
  • Recycle stations

For more information on our environmental practices and values click here.

Language Program


We believe we have a great opportunity to bring foreign languages into the lives of Explorers children. Children are sponges. Their brains are developmentally ready to accept and learn a foreign language.  A French teacher offers weekly language classes to the children.  During the classes the children learn the language through stories, songs and many other activities.

Music & Movement Program 

Our resident Music Therapist, Justine, bases her weekly Music and Movement program on live music to engage and develop a love of music within our children. The program includes playing instruments to develop motor skills and the ability to listen to friends, the use of tactile items to engage all senses and dancing for coordination and peer awareness. It also includes singing to help children become confident in using their voices and song writing to foster expression and literacy.

Speech Therapy

Every child that attends Explorers is provided the opportunity to undergo a screening with our qualified Speech Pathologist, Leanne. Children over the age of 3 are screened free of charge on request from families or as recommended by Educators & Teachers.

Educators sit in on sessions with Leanne to ensure your child remains comfortable and has some-one familiar with them. In these sessions, Leanne will not only concentrate on pronunciation, but on a broad range of communication.

Leanne can help if:

  • You believe you or others find it abnormally difficult to understand what your child is saying
  • You are interested in finding how your child’s communication (including pronunciation and hearing) is progressing