Kindergarten FAQs

Kindergarten FAQs

Are fees any different for children enrolled in the Kindergarten program?  

No, fees are the same as Explorers childcare rates.

Can my child attend both a sessional Kindergarten and the Explorers Early Learning Kindergarten program?

Yes – children can attend both programs, however they will only be allocated a government funded position at the facility where they attend 15 hours a week.

Do you hold an information night for your Kindergarten program?

Yes, each year, in May, our centres host a Kindergarten Information Evening. At these events, our centre directors and teachers will explain everything you need to know about the program.

Do you have relationships with primary schools in the area?

Yes, each centre creates a relationship with the closest local primary school. In term 4, children attend excursions to the school where they can become familiar with the classrooms and playground whilst amongst their friends.

Do you communicate with my child’s primary school prior to their commencement?

Explorers Kindergarten teachers create transition reports which are given to your child’s future primary school so the school has an understanding of their development and readiness and gets to know your child before they begin prep.

When does my child need to begin the 4 year old program?

Your child will need to begin the 4 year old program before April 30th, in the year prior to them turning 5 and beginning primary school.

What time should my child arrive at the centre for Kinder?

It is advised that you bring your child to the centre by 9am, as this is the time where the Kindergarten Teacher will run a “Welcome Group Time” – a classroom meeting about the day’s plans.


If you have any other questions regarding our Kindergarten program – please email [email protected] or call 1300 00 335.